X-Cel Superturn
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X-Cel Superturn (Head Office)

An integral part of the growth and expansion plans for X-Cel Superturn was the splitting of the two main manufactured product groups. Drill Tool products continue to be manufactured at the Atlas site whilst Gaskets and Seals are now produced from the prestigious Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield.

The AMP is home to many world-class manufacturing companies; our neighbours include Boeing, Mclaren and Rolls Royce, as well as the AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) and the newly formed NMRC (Nuclear Manufacturing Research Centre). It’s a superb location right at the heart of all the latest development and innovation, the ‘place to be’ for engineering in the UK.

Members of our highly experienced team staff and existing machinery made the move from Atlas to the AMP in June 2012, to be joined by new plant and new staff - to ensure that we maximize the opportunities provided by this custom-designed 33,000 sq ft site, with a further 22,000 sq ft extension completed in March 2019.

The move and expansion has enabled X-Cel to considerably increase capacity and ensure that we continue to exceed customer expectations. line The addition of OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001 accreditations underline our commitment to give our customers everything they expected from a first-class supplier.

As the Group is spread out globally the AMP facility has become the Head Office with Financial Control managed for all sites from here, along with the centralised Quality and Sales Management departments.